Fusion Treatments

Signature skin treatments for accelerated results

Our Fusion Treatments, exclusive to The FAB Clinic, merge innovation, expertise, and exceptional results. Our Tight & Bright harmoniously combines Morphues8 and Lumecca IPL to address various skin concerns, offering comprehensive rejuvenation. Our Tight & Smooth treatment seamlessly integrates Morphues8 and CO2 Laser for a transformative skin experience..

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Experience the ultimate skin transformation with the dynamic duo of Morpheus8 and Lumecca IPL, a synergistic combination that targets both laxity and pigmentation for radiant results.

Treatment Summary:

This Morpheus8 and CO2 Laser combo delivers unmatched skin renewal, targeting both surface imperfections and deep tissue, for a comprehensive rejuvenation experience.

Treatment Summary:

Our Comprehensive Skin Consultation is a bespoke service that goes beyond traditional skincare assessments. In this appointment, we’ll delve into the unique needs of your skin, considering your lifestyle, concerns, and skin goals.

Achieve your dream skin sooner with our signature layered treatments

Longing for comprehensive skin rejuvenation without extensive downtime? Our exclusive Fusion Treatments combine the best skin renewal technology for results that speak volumes.